Oil and liquid for Toyota cars

One of the most frequent maintenance operations for each car is to change the oil in the engine, gearbox, power steering.

Oil plays an important role in protecting internal parts from damage, maintaining cooling, and preventing the accumulation of contaminants inside the engine or gearbox.

Oil plays an important role throughout the life of the car, as it minimizes pollution and lubricates every rubbing parts of the engine, gearbox, etc., which over time leads to savings in maintenance costs

It is worth remembering that the oil in Toyota (as well as in another car) is more contaminated and requires more frequent replacement if you make many short trips when the engine does not have time to warm up to full operating temperature. Also, changing the oil is not recommended to be debugged if the oil is of dubious quality or even a fake.

The oil filter also needs to be replaced because over time it loses the ability to clean the oil. If the oil filter is not changed, this can cause problems with the lubrication system, which in turn entails unstable operation of the engine and its repair in the future, which is now quite expensive.

What oil

Sometimes it happens that the recommended oil cannot be filled for any reason, and the original one has not justified trust or is suitable for a number of reasons, and the question arises - what kind of oil should be put into the engine, gearbox or power steering of Toyota cars ?!

Modern engines and transmissions are particularly sensitive to the type of lubricant used. Using the wrong type or class of oil may result in noise that is unusual for the engine and unstable operation of the engine or gearbox.

Motor oil

In addition to the above properties and the purpose of the oil, it also prevents the contact of metal with metal between moving parts of the engine. The lubrication system supplies oil to the oil filter for cleaning, and then throughout the engine.

Toyota engine lubrication system
Modern Toyota engine: 1 - The oil pump through the filter under pressure delivers oil from the oil pan to the corresponding part of the engine; 2 - The safety valve prevents excessive oil pressure, and the pressure sensor, if necessary, signals an insufficient oil pressure through the control lamp; 3 - The oil filter cleans the oil supplied by the pump from the oil pan; 4 - Since engine oil is gradually contaminated with metal chips, the oil filter removes it and other undesirable substances from the oil;

For a full service to replace the engine oil, you will need:

  • Toyota original synthetic engine oil or quality equivalent;
  • engine oil system cleaner;
  • Toyota original oil filter or equivalent;

You can choose from a wide range of synthetic motor oils from world manufacturers, as well as original Toyota oil suitable for gasoline and diesel engines in the Toyota Corolla, Camry, Rav4 and other models.

Toyota engine lubrication system
Toyota engine lubrication system using the example of a 4-cylinder engine: 1 - Timing chain; 2 - Oil pressure relief valve; 3 - Plug for draining the oil; 4 - Crankshaft; 5 - Engine oil; 6 - Oil pan (oil pan); 7 - Oil pressure sensor; 8 - Oil filter; 9 - Oil cooler; 10 - Camshaft;

Which oil to choose ?! There is no unequivocal answer to this question, since each owner of Toyota individually selects the manufacturer and brand of oil for his car operating conditions.

Gear oil

For a manual gearbox, oil - LV with a viscosity of 75W is recommended.

The following oils are used for Toyota automatic transmissions.:

  • Toyota - D / M;
  • Toyota - WS;
  • Toyota - T;
  • Toyota - T-IV;

Regardless of which gearbox is installed on your Toyota, it must be properly maintained. Toyota's gearbox oil lubricates various moving parts to increase its performance and acts as a coolant.

Like engine oil, Toyota gear oil will deteriorate over time, as it becomes contaminated and loses its properties.

The oil and oil change times at Toyota gearboxes vary. For example, at high loads on the manual transmission, it is recommended that the oil be replaced every 20,000 km, on automatic - 40,000 km, while at moderate loads, a run of 2-3 times more is allowed.

What kind of oil to put into the gearbox is an individual choice for each model, since not only the gearboxes are different, but the same driving style differs for each owner.

When to change the oil

In Toyota, the oil should be changed regularly to prevent internal damage or breakdown of the engine, gearbox, power steering. Depending on the intensity of operation and loads - the frequency and duration are different.

To maintain engine performance and extend its life, it is recommended to change the engine oil every 3000-4500 miles, but at least once a year, regardless of how much Toyota runs.

It is possible to change the oil in the engine even at 6,200 miles, but subject to moderate engine loads

Modern cars are equipped with on-board computers that tell you when the oil has reached the end of its service life or when the specified service interval has come to an end.

Oil change

There are two ways to change the oil for Toyota: at a specialized service station or on your own. The first method is more expensive, the second requires convenient access to the drain plug.

Replace by yourself

To replace the oil on your own, first you need to cool the engine, then unscrew the drain plug at the bottom of the oil pan and drain the oil.

When the oil drains, we recommend removing and replacing the oil filter. When the oil has completely melted, tighten the drain plug and fill in the volume of new oil necessary for the motor through the appropriate neck. Start the engine and check for leaks.

During the oil change procedure, we recommend that you pay attention to the condition of the engine seals, the amount of oil drained, and also note the date of service and mileage for yourself.