Toyota oil filter and cartridge

The oil filter is an important part not only of Toyota cars. In fact, its role, as the name implies, is to filter and remove harmful particles of dirt from the oil as it passes through the engine, which avoids premature engine breakdown by protecting the motor and prolonging its service life. It also allows you to effectively lubricate hundreds of precision moving parts in a car engine. Many of these parts work with thousands of movements per minute. Even the smallest foreign matter in the engine can create excess friction and damage. Oil filters help prevent possible engine damage.

An oil filter is an inexpensive part that needs regular replacement. Its price in comparison with the cost of repairing the motor is not large, so we do not recommend saving and buying a cheap filter, since a high-quality oil filter will save you a lot more money.

Toyota Oil Filter
Toyota oil filter structure: 1 - Bypass valve; 2 - Filter element; 3 - Check valve and valve spring;

The bypass valve (safety valve) is made of durable and heat-resistant rubber. It is intended for supplying engine oil to the lubrication system in the event that the oil cannot pass through the filter element, which happens when the filter is clogged or the oil is too thick, which happens at low ambient temperature, or pre-filled engine oil with high viscosity. Therefore, for Toyota Corolla cars that are operated:

  • daily in the cold season (winter, and for some regions also the end of autumn and the beginning of spring) and the engine starts in most cases "frozen";
  • extreme operating conditions;

... it is recommended to use an oil filter with an overflow valve located at the inlet.

Filter element (paper curtain) - is designed to provide effective filtration and purification of the oil supplied to the lubrication system during the entire filter service life. In the manufacture of the filter element, special filter paper is used that can operate at temperatures ranging from -86°F to +176°F.

The anti-drain valve is a seal made of high quality material and is designed to retain oil in the filter, preventing it from flowing out of the oil system into the oil pan when the engine is not running.

The filter element of the Toyota oil filter, in contrast to the cartridge, is more environmentally friendly and at the same time offers the same filtering quality as the cartridges.

When to change

Motor oil is constantly clogged and over time, this garbage accumulates in the filter, reducing its efficiency and restricting the flow of oil, therefore it is recommended to change the Toyota Coroll oil filter at the same time as changing the oil.

To replace the filter, you will need only one tool - the Toyota oil filter remover (oil filter wrench on 14 sides), which will allow you to unscrew the old filter and install a new one.

Which to choose

Firstly, before you buy a filter for Toyota - do not save! Yes, the price range for the oil filter differs significantly between some manufacturers, but the filter is not such an expensive part where you can save a large amount.

Secondly, what I would like to note is the presence of fakes, especially promoted and expensive brands. We do not recommend buying a “high-quality” branded oil filter for Corolla cheaply - not a single store will sell you something that it can earn for nothing. But do not blindly buy expensive, assuming that this is an original filter - this is not true. We recommend taking into account the feedback of Toyota car owners, which in fact have perhaps the most significant argument when choosing.

Before buying a filter in a store or on an online platform, you should make sure the quality of components for cars from the same seller, as with the return of goods - everything is very, very bad.

Corolla E12

In Toyota Corolla E12 with an oil change, most owners install a VIC C-110 filter or a slightly larger VIC C-113 (Japan). Also recommend filters KNECHT / MAHLE OC534 (Austria) or MANN W68 / 3 (Germany).

Corolla E15

Owners of the 150s Corolla (before restyling) recommend the Nitto Kogyo 4TP-121 (10013) oil filter and the VIC C-110 (VIC C-113) with a non-return valve. The filter data has proven itself very well and does not require advertising. Also proved to be quite good - FILTRON PO572 (Poland), UNION C170 (Japan) and ALCO FILTERS SP991 (Germany).

If you wish to use original oil filters when replacing engine oil, pay attention to those recommended by the manufacturer for the Toyota Corolla E15. For the model range of release until December 2008 - it is recommended to use the original oil filters 90915-10003 (Japan) or Toyota 90915-YZZE1 (Thailand).

Toyota Oil Filter 90915-YZZD1
Original Toyota 90915-YZZD1 oil filter

For restyled cars only a paper cartridge is recommended for replacement.

For Corolla E15 with a 1ZR-FE engine, this is a Toyota 04152-37010 cartridge (Thailand) or 04152-YZZA6, and for a model with a 1NR-FE engine, this is a Toyota 04152-40060 cartridge.

Corolla E170 / E180

Owners of Corolla 170, 180 prefer the cartridge Toyota 04152-37010, 04152-YZZA6 or 04152-40060. The above best oil filters for the 150th body are also relevant for the body 170 and 180.

Which filter or cartridge to install when changing oil, the choice is yours based on your capabilities, since it is not always possible to buy the best because of its absence.

Camry V40

Toyota Camry 40 from the factory was delivered with a filter 0415231090 (the Japanese-made filter has 43 warehouse and replaceable rubber coatings with special lubricants, such as China, Korea, Thailand - up to 46 folds). It is necessary to pay attention to other original filters with numbers 04152-YZZA1 or 90915-10004.

The cost of the original "Toyota" spare parts may not seem adequate for everyone, therefore, in this case, we turn to similar filters from other manufacturers. First of all, I would like to note the best oil filters for Toyota in terms of price and quality that can be used all year round: VIC-110 (Camry 40 2.4), VIC C-113, Knecht / Mahle OC 217. In the absence of these filters, pay attention to proven and earned the trust of MANN W 610/1 (3/9), Nitto 4TP-124, FRAM PH 5317. The Union Japan C123 filter is not bad, but it is not recommended to use it in winter, as there have been cases of squeezing oil.

Camry V50 & V70

With Camry 50 and 70, the situation is no different from its predecessors. For the current Camry lineup, it is recommended to use the Toyota 04152-YZZA1 oil filter, and add to the analogues the same ones as for the 40th body having positive reviews and the best price-quality ratio.