Transmission Fluid for Toyota Camry 40

Gearboxes in the Toyota Camry V40 can both upset, and even make you forget about their existence. But the box - the box is different, and the reliability of the transmission depends on the manner of operation. If the technical condition of your car and gearbox matters to you, then it is recommended that you pay attention to it periodically, so at least in the future your "car" budget will be saved.

The main questions for the owner of Toyota Camry 40 2.4, 2.5 and 3.5: what oil to pour into the box, when to change, how much to fill, partial or complete oil change?!

Manual Transmission

A manual gearbox E351 was proposed for the Camry 2.4 with a 2AZ-FE engine.

There is no regulation on the replacement of oil in the manual transmission, and it must be changed as necessary. In practice, it is recommended to change the oil in a Toyota Camry 40 mechanical box - every 37-43,000 miles. One symptom of the need for replacement is a small hum in 5th gear.

Checking the oil level in a Toyota Camry 40 manual gearbox: you need to unscrew the drain plug, try the presence of oil with the little finger in the hole, if the oil is left at the tip of your finger - the level is normal. If the oil starts to drip from the hole, this also indicates that the oil level in the manual transmission is still normal.

But the level is not as important as its state. It is important that during inspection, check the oil for its effective lubricating properties. Worn-out oil will have a characteristic odor that is not characteristic of high-quality oil and does not match the normal color - instead of light - dark brown.

The capacity of the lubrication system is 2.5 liters. Type of oil API GL-4 or GL-5. Recommended oil viscosity is SAE 75W-90. When choosing - the best oil for a manual transmission Toyota Camry V40 - original Toyota Gear Oil Super 75W-90 (08885-02106).

Automatic Transmission

Depending on the modification, the Toyota Camry was available with several automatic transmissions.:

  • Camry 2.4 (2AZ) - front-wheel drive 5-speed U250E, all-wheel drive 4-speed U241E
  • Camry 2.5 (2AR) - with 6-speed U760E
  • Camry 3.5 (2GR) - only with a 6-speed automatic transmission Aisin U660E

It is very important to pay attention to the level and condition of the oil (oil color) in the Camry 40 automatic transmission periodically, especially when buying a used car. When checking, the oil in the box must be light and not emit an unpleasant odor (burning), but you need to understand that its properties also depend on mileage.

Often there are automatic gearboxes in Camry with a mileage of more than 90,000 miles without oil change, and without problems in operation. And although this moment depends on the loads and driving style, it is still necessary to change the oil. Why not drive over 120,000 miles without major overhaul of the transmission ?!

Full or partial replacement?!

A complete change must be made if the oil needs to be replaced with a different type of grease, for example, after buying a used car, when the wrong oil changes to the one recommended by the manufacturer (WS). But it is worth considering that after a complete oil change, the box may “kick”, delays in gear changes may begin, a sharp increase in speed with a subsequent “kick”. This is due to deposits of old oil formed over time in the transmission. Newly filled oil has higher “washing” properties, as opposed to dissolving ones, which is why the newly-replaced oil in the Camry 40 automatic transmission flushes away old deposits, which move through the system into hydraulic brains, solenoids and clog the valves, which leads to malfunctions and instability in work.

A full oil change in the automatic box is done every 30,000 miles.

After long stagnations and long runs without changing the oil in the automatic transmission (especially after buying a used Toyota Camry 40), it is safer to make a partial change by mixing old and new oil, which is newer and at the same time incapable of washing like fresh oil but which has solvent properties higher than the old. As a result, such a replacement, gently and safely washing, dissolves all deposits in the machine box. The box completely fits 11 liters, so the proportions of the partial replacement are as follows - 4-4.5 liters are drained and the same volume is poured for mixing with the 6 remaining liters in the automatic transmission.

A partial oil change in practice is also best done if there is no way to make a full oil change, for example due to a lack of qualified specialists.

Partial oil change in Camry 40 is necessary at intervals of 12-18,000 miles.

Also, with an oil change in the automatic transmission, it is necessary to replace the oil filter (35330-48020) and the o-ring for this filter (90301-27010).

After changing the oil, the automatic transmission should work smoother, so if a rougher shift is noticed, this is a sign that the sequence of work and the temperature regime were not observed when setting the oil level.

Fluid type - ATF WS:

  • "ATF WS" 08886-80803 - 20 liters, canister
  • Toyota WS 00298-ATFWS and 08886-02305 - 4 liters, can
  • Toyota 08886-81210 and 00289-ATFWS - 1 liter plastic

For the automatic transmission U241E (2.4 2AZ), as a replacement for the original, it is possible to pour oil - TOTACHI ATF WS. Otherwise, it is recommended to fill in the original Toyota or IDEMITSU ATF TYPE-TLS-LV.

For American Camry 40, as indicated on the probe: Type WS, number 08886-02305.

Video guide: Easy way to complete transmission fluid change (Flush)