Transmission Fluid for Toyota Camry 50

In order for the car to bring pleasure and go around problems for a long time, service is necessary, and timely oil change in an automatic transmission is one of the guarantees for the longevity and reliability of the car as a whole.

The main questions on oil in automatic transmission: when to fill, which oil to choose, how much to pour, partial or complete replacement ?!

According to the regulations, the first oil change in an automatic transmission should take place at 100,000 miles, followed by a replacement every 80,000 km. If the vehicle is heavily loaded (for example, additional baggage on the roof of the car or trailer), the condition of the oil must be checked every 24,000 miles or 2 years (if necessary replaced), with a mandatory replacement every 50,000 miles.

But the realities among the majority of Toyota Camry owners are slightly different, each has its own driving style and the amount of knowledge about transmission maintenance is different, and for owners with a minimal technical education (at the level of understanding of the need for maintenance), questions appear only after problems begin with the transmission: jerks , kicking, slow gear shifting, slipping, dips, whistling (although the latter appears mainly after changing the oil).

If a car with a mileage of more than 62,000 miles, without changing the oil in the automatic transmission and showing any problems, you still need to change the oil, since over time it loses its properties and becomes clogged with wear products. To make sure it is worth changing or not, check the condition and color of the oil: to do this, drain 50 grams of oil from the pan, and if it is black / dark - you need to change it, and preferably simultaneously with the filter, if the oil is pink / red - you can postpone the change for now. But do not forget, the sooner you start changing the oil, the better for the gearbox

The information in this article applies to automatic transmissions installed on the entire Camry XV50 range, except for modifications with a hybrid powerplant:

  • Camry 2.0 (6AR) ASV51 with 4-speed automatic transmission Aisin U241E;
  • Camry 2.5 (2AR) ASV50 with 6-speed automatic transmission Aisin U760E;
  • Camry 3.5 V6 (2GR) GSV50 with 6-speed U660E from the same manufacturer Aisin;

How to choose oil

Camry 50 oil for automatic transmissions is recommended to be used from Toyota: the brand name WS fluid for automatic transmissions is Toyota Genuine ATF WS (number 08886-02305, 4 liter canister) or Idemitsu ATF Type-TLS-LV (number 10114042B). Idemitsu transmission oil specially developed for use in automatic transmissions of cars of Toyota, Lexus and Scion brands, where the use of fluid with Toyota ATF WS approval is required (automatic transmission manufacturer specification - JWS 3324). The oil manufacturer does not recommend the use of this lubricant in an automatic transmission, where any other original manufacturer specifications are recommended.

Toyota ATF WS and Idemitsu ATF Type-TLS-LV the best oils for the box automatic Toyota Camry V50.

For those who, for personal reasons, do not want to use Toyota oil as an alternative, we recommend paying attention to analogues. These oils have proven themselves and gained quite a lot of positive reviews and recommendations - TOTACHI ATF WS, Anisin ATF Wide Range AFW and AMSOIL Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic ATF.

In the choice of oil - the main thing is not to buy a fake, so initially think carefully about where it is best and most reliable in your region to buy the original oil and filter from one or another manufacturer.

When to change

After how much and after what run is it better to pour ?! At this stage, it is possible to go in two ways:

  • pour according to the regulations. But, with frequent loads - to be ready to repair the box after 62,000 miles, or even earlier. Of course, it is possible to sell a car before the first symptoms of future problems appear, but believe me, you will not lose if you change the oil more often, and over time you can sell the car more expensive based on its technical condition, and as a result, both sides will get what they want;
  • as it became clear from the previous paragraph, it is better to change the oil in the Camry V50 box more often, drive with a moderate frequency of loads and forget about the existence of potential problems in the Toyota transmission for a long time;

Partial or complete replacement

In Camry 50 gearboxes, as well as in the previous body equipped with the same gearboxes, it is possible to change the oil completely and partially.

Partial oil change in automatic transmission is done in a simple way: how much old is drained, how much new oil is poured (about 2-2.5 liters are drained).

Partial replacement is done at a run of 24,000 miles, then the oil partially changes after another 40,000 km, after which, at a run of 62,000 miles, a complete oil change is made using the installation.

With partial replacement, the automatic transmission oil can be changed without changing the filter

Полная замена, как было сказано выше - делается специальным аппаратом. Аппаратная замена происходит путем замещения старого масла новым, вымывая продукты износа. Для полной замены потребуется от 10 до 16 литров масла - в зависимости от состояния смазочного материала.

It is possible to make a complete oil change with or without changing the oil filter. But it is recommended to change the filter if the mileage is large or the filter has not changed with partial replacement. It is also necessary to flush the pan.

An important factor is engine hours, so if the car is used mainly in the city (traffic jams), it is better to carry out a partial replacement every 18,000 miles, and a full one after 37,000 miles.

How much to fill

Engine 2.0 6AR 2.5 2AR 3.5 2GR
Capacity, liters 6.7 6.5 6.5

Video: Transmission fluid change and level check