What type of transmission fluid for Toyota Corolla E150

The oil in the Toyota Corolla gearbox, like the engine oil in the Corolla 150 engine, is subject to high loads and temperatures. As a result of the influence of these factors, transmission oil loses its lubricating properties and its protective function deteriorates.

Untimely oil changes can cause unstable operation of the transmission and failure of its components. For example, in a mechanical gearbox on the main gear, badasses appear, and the gears emit a peculiar buzz. If this problem is left to chance, then after ~ 310 miles the gear teeth will collapse and the manual transmission may jam.

Based on this, changing the oil in the Toyota Corolla gearbox is an important maintenance operation and requires special attention, therefore we recommend that the oil level in the transmission be checked periodically with a dipstick.

When to change

According to the regulations, it is recommended to change the oil 1 time per 50,000 miles, but in practice, it is recommended to change the oil in the Toyota Corolla E150 gearbox every 25,000 miles, which will maintain the reputation of the Japanese brand of reliable cars and prolong the performance of the box for a long time, which is more only applies to Coroll owners with manual transmission, since mechanics are less expensive than automatic.

Which fill

In addition to the original Toyota fluid, it is permissible to fill in analogues, but it is necessary to adhere to the correct specification, according to API it is GL4 or GL5, according to SAE with a viscosity of 75W.

Manual Transmission

Perhaps the most reliable and popular gearbox on the Corolla E15. The recommended gearbox oil is Toyota Gear Oil Manual Transmission Getriebeoil LV 75W (may also be referred to as LV 75W MT, MT may be Manual Transmission or nothing at all). Order number: 08885-81001.

Another oil recommended by the manufacturer is Toyota Gear Oil 75W-90 GL 4.

It is worth noting that poor-quality oil can cause unstable transmission. So, for example, a tight gear shift in the manual transmission and a hum that disappears within a minute after starting the engine can be caused due to the use of the wrong oil. For example, 75W-90 oil may well cause a howl / hum in a mechanical gearbox in frosts below -60 degrees (Fareggate) and in a cold, unheated engine. Although this is the recommended gear oil, in this situation it is better to fill in LV 75W MT.

The best oils for a manual transmission of Toyota Corolla E15, as a replacement for the original according to the owners:

  • SYNTHETIC Gear Oil 75W-90;
  • Castrol 75W-80;
  • Mobil GX 75W-90;
  • Castrol Syntrax Longlife 75W-90;
  • ZIC GFT 75W-90;


The MULTIMODE robotic gearbox is essentially the same manual transmission, only with automated clutch and gear shifting. Among the owners of Japanese sedans has gained a reputation as an unreliable and problematic transmission. Nevertheless, the happy owners of Corolla are quite satisfied with owning a car with this particular type of transmission, but note that this gearbox requires careful operation and quality service.

As for the oil that is best to fill, it is best to use the original TOYOTA Getriebeoil LV 75W oil (article number 08885-81001). Of course, it is permissible to add analog oil, provided that the recommended specifications are the same as for manual transmissions - API GL-4 and SAE 75, but still the original oil is preferable.

Automatic transmission

It is recommended to fill in gearboxes with Corolla E15 automatic gearbox with ATF Type T-IV specification or for later ATF WS models.

Selection of analog oil by Corolla owners equipped automatic transmissions:

  • Mobil ATF 3309;
  • Castrol Transmax;
  • Total FLUIDE XLD FE;

How much to fill

Corolla 150 transmission oil change volumes (liters):

  • Five-speed manual gearbox - 1.9;
  • Six-speed manual gearbox - 2.3;
  • Automatic transmission - 2.9;

Video: Toyota Corolla Manual Transmission Oil Change