Engine oil for Toyota Corolla E15

In order for the Toyota Corolla E15 engine to work for a long time, and in the best possible way confirms the reliability of Japanese engines - it is necessary to properly maintain.

Toyota Corolla engine oil is not something you can save on, just like with other ICEs. Therefore, using the right oil ensures uninterrupted operation of the Toyota engine and preserves the life of its individual components (of course, not only engine oil affects the reliability of the engine). Unsuitable oil, for example with a lower or higher viscosity, can lead to expensive repairs, which is always inappropriate.

This is especially true for Toyota Corolla 15 diesel engines, which are very sensitive to the wrong class of engine oil. Incorrectly selected diesel engine oil will cause a diesel particulate filter (DPF) problem.

When choosing oil, the main criterion is the ambient temperature in which the car is used and operating conditions, which affects the choice of oil with a particular viscosity.

Modern Toyota engines typically use low viscosity synthetic oils that are less thick, reduce friction in the engine, reduce wear and contribute to better fuel economy. These oils include 5W-30 engine oil, which is used by most Coroll E150 owners, and in some climatic zones it can be used as a multigrade and filled into the engine year-round.

Despite the fact that 5W-30 oil is considered to be the best for Japanese engines, nevertheless, before filling, we recommend that you specify the recommended oil specifically for your Toyota Corolla engine (climate + load) by number and engine model.

В зависимости от ряда факторов, таких как интенсивность нагрузок и климатической зоны в двигатель Toyota Corolla E150 также возможно заливать другие синтетические моторные масла, например 0W-20, 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-40 и 10W-30.

Note: in most cases in the summer - 5W-30 or 5W-40, in the winter - 0W-20 or 0W-30

When to change the oil

The cycle of heating and cooling the oil is steadily worsening its properties, so engine oil is gradually becoming less efficient and for trouble-free engine operation, it must be changed on time or with the required mileage.

Toyota recommends changing the Corolla E15 engine oil every 9300 miles or 1 time per year, whichever comes first. But in practice, everything is different, since both the state of the engine itself and the driving style affect the state of oil in the engine, and of course the class of oil that is poured into the power unit.

When using the car in most cases over short distances, or in extreme conditions, the necessary oil change interval is between 3100 and 4400 miles, while longer trips with moderate loads require replacement every - 6200 miles. Although this is an individual question, therefore, first and foremost, we recommend that you monitor the oil level.

It is imperative that the oil filter be replaced with an engine oil change. The most popular are Nitto 4TP121 (Япония), TOYOTA - 9091510003 or high-quality analog.

How much oil

The table below provides a list of Toyota engines in the back of the E15, and a recommendation on how much oil to fill up with a complete replacement. A Corolla engine requires between 3.7 and 5.0 liters of engine oil, but the exact number depends on the particular engine.

Petrol engines

For petrol engines, oils with API SL..SM oil classification are recommended.

Body number Engine Model / Displacement Oil capacity,
filter capacity, liters
NRE15 1NR-FE 1.3i/1.33 3.4/0.2
ZZE15 4ZZ-FE 1.4 VVT-i/1.4 3.7/0.2 (2007-'08)
4.2/0.2 (2008-'09)
ZRE15 1ZR-FE/FAE 1.6 Dual VVTi/1.6 4.2/0.3
ZRE142 (USA / Canada) 2ZR-FE 1.8 VVT-i/1.8 4.2/0.3
AZE141 (USA / Canada) 2AZ-FE 2.4 16V/2.4 3.8/0.2

Diesel engines

For diesel engines, oils with API CF..CF-4 / ACEA B1 ... C2 classification are recommended.

Body number Engine Model / Displacement Oil capacity,
filter capacity, liters
NDE15 1ND-TV 1.4 D-4D/1.4 4.3/0.5 (2007-'09)
4.1/0.5 (2009-'11)
3.9/0.4 (2011-'13)
ADE15 1AD-FTV 2.0 D-4D/2.0 6.3/0.4

It is worth noting that these recommendations are relevant not only for the Corolla E15, but also for other Toyota models equipped with the motors indicated above and produced not only for the USA, but also for Europe, Japan and Russia:

Model Engine & Displacement Year of issue
Alphard H10, H20 2AZ 2.4 2002-2015
Allion T260 2ZR 1.8 2007-2010
Auris E150 1NR 1.3/4ZZ 1.4/1ZR 1.6/2ZR 1.8, 1ND 1.4/1AD 2.0 2006-2012
Auris E180 1NR 1.3/1ZR 1.6, 1ND 1.4/1AD 2.0 2012-2016
Avensis T270 1AD 2.0 2008-2015
Blade E150 2AZ 2.4 2006-2012
Camry XV40, XV30 2AZ 2.4 2001-2011
Corolla E110 4ZZ 1.4 1999-2001
Corolla E120 4ZZ 1.4/1ND 1.4 2000-2007
Corolla E170 2ZR 1.8 2013-2018
Corolla E18 1NR 1.3/1ZR 1.6/2ZR 1.8/1ND 1.4 2012-2019
Corolla E210 1ZR 1.6 с 2018
Corolla Axio E140 2ZR 1.8 2006-2012
Corolla Axio E160 1NR 1.3 с 2012
Corolla Fielder E140 2ZR 1.8 2006-2012
Corolla Rumion 2ZR 1.8 2007-2009
Estima AHR10, AHR20, XR30, XR40, XR50 2AZ 2.4 2000-2019
iQ GJ10 1NR 1.3 2008-2011
Ipsum ACM20 2AZ 2.4 2001-2009
ist XP110 2ZR 1.8 2007-2016
Kluger V XU20 2AZ 2.4 2000-2007
Harrier XU10, XU30 2AZ 2.4 2000-2013
Highlander XU20 2AZ 2.4 2000-2007
Mark X Zio NA10 2AZ 2.4 2007-2013
Matrix E140 2ZR 1.8/2AZ 2.4 2008-2013
Passo XC30 1NR 1.3 2010-2016
Porte NP140 1NR 1.3 с 2012
Premio T260 2ZR 1.8 2007-2010
Probox XP50, XP160 1NR 1.3/1ND 1.4 с 2014
Ractis P120 1NR 1.3 с 2010
RAV4 CA20W 2AZ 2.4 2003-2005
RAV4 XA30 2AZ 2.4 2005-2016
RAV4 XA40 1AD 2.0 2012-2015
Solara XV20, XV30 2AZ 2.4 2001-2009
Spade NP140 1NR 1.3 с 2012
Succeed XP60, XP160 1ND 1.4 2002-2014
Vanguard XA30 2AZ 2.4 2007-2013
Vellfire H20 2AZ 2.4 2008-2015
Vitz XP130 1NR 1.3/2ZR 1.8 2010-2020
Yaris XP10 1ND 1.4 1999-2005
Yaris XP 90 1NR 1.3/2ZR 1.8/1ND 1.4 2005-2010
Yaris XP 130 1NR 1.3/1ND 1.4 2010-2014

Original oil

Original Toyota SL 5W-30, 5W-20 and Toyota GF-5 SN 5W30 oils are recommended by the manufacturer, but TOYOTA does not produce engine oils and additives. The official website states that Toyota engine oil is produced by companies such as Exxon Mobil and Idemitsu. Based on this, which oil is better to buy - the decision is only yours.

What to fill

It is only necessary to fill in synthetic original oil from the manufacturer. It doesn't have to be Toyota oil, but the original oil, not a fake. If you are not sure that the oil in front of you is of the manufacturer indicated on the label, do not buy it, the consequences entail expensive repairs.

Also, the oil must meet the requirements, tolerances and class recommended by the manufacturer

Before buying, you need to consider individual operating conditions:

  • ambient temperature;
  • highway-city operation ratio;
  • driving style;

The city mode is considered the most extreme, since there are constant stops on the way, traffic lights, traffic jams, short distances, etc.

The track provides the engine with the best conditions, - one high-speed mode, optimal speed and pressure in the oil system, cooling and combustion of the air-fuel mixture properly occur.

It is also important to consider the technical condition of the engine, oil consumption for 620 miles and overall mileage. Since in the future this affects the choice of oil viscosity. An important group of oil quality is SJ, SL or SM

Only the car owner himself can know which oil to fill, knowing his car and operating conditions.

Below is a list of the most popular brands of motor oils among Toyota Corolla E15 owners. It will be relevant especially to those who recently bought a car and this is the first replacement, as well as those who are disappointed in their engine oil.


  • Idemitsu Zepro Eco Medalist 0W-20
  • Liqui Moly 0W-20
  • Toyota 0W-20
  • Toyota 0W-30
  • Ravenol 0W-20
  • Shell Helix Ultra SN 0W-20
  • Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40
  • Ravenol 0W-40
  • Motul ECO-Lite 0W-20 SN
  • Fuchs Titan GT1 0W-20 evo
  • Eneos 0W-20
  • Castrol EDGE 0W-30
  • NGN Synergy Plus 0W-30
  • Petro Canada Supreme Synthetic 0W-30


  • Idemitsu 5W-30 SN/GF-5
  • Mobil1 x1 5W-30
  • Lukoil Genesis Armortech 5W-30
  • Idemitsu Zepro Touring 5W-30
  • Motul eco lite 5W-30
  • Petro Canada Supreme Synthetic 5W-30
  • Profix API SN 5W-30
  • NESTE SITI PRO ll 5W-30
  • Elf Evolution 900 SXR 5W-30
  • Ravenol SFE 5W-20
  • NGN NORD 5W-30
  • Toyota GF-5 SN 5W-30
  • Shell HX8 5W-40

It is also worth noting one important point, the more popular the oil, the greater the likelihood of buying a fake. We recommend buying oil from official representatives whose store addresses are provided on the manufacturer’s website.