What type of transmission fluid for toyota corolla E170 & E180

Timely oil change in the Toyota Corolla 170/180 gearbox is an easy way to extend the life of the transmission, but do not forget that high-quality oil is also of great importance.

What oil

Toyota Corolla is available with a manual gearbox and MultiDrive S V-belt continuously variable variator, so the choice of transmission oil should be based on the recommendations presented by the manufacturer specifically for the gearbox of your car.

Manual Transmission

For manual transmissions, the manufacturer recommends adhering to API GL4 and SAE 75W specifications when choosing gear oil.

Considering that the original Toyota oil is filled from the factory in a new car with a manual gearbox, in the future we recommend using the Coroll gearbox oil - Toyota Gear Oil Manual Transmission Getriebeoil LV GL4 75W MT (article number 08885-81001).

It so happens that for some reason it is not possible to fill Toyota oil, in this case we recommend paying attention to a rather high-quality German analog Ravenol MTF 3 75W, which has proved itself to be quite good.

Continuously Variable Transmission

CVT K111 among the owners of Coroll has an ambiguous reputation. For some, this transmission twitches, while for others it works stably. Despite this, the Corolla variator can be considered a reliable transmission, but loving high-quality service and, to the extent, permissible loads. In gratitude, you will get a lot of driving pleasure and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of trouble-free mileage.

Aisin oil is poured into the Aisin K311 Corolla E17 / E18 CVT from the factory, so when changing to oil from the same manufacturer, we recommend pouring Aisin CVTF7004.

In addition to this gear oil, the original Toyota CVT Fluid FE oil for low temperatures for use in cold climates (part number 08886-02505) or CVT Fluid TC for a warmer climate (part number 08886-02105) can also be poured into the Corolla variator..

With the Aisin’s moderate-duty drivetrain, it can last more than 186,000 miles

As a replacement for original oils, it is permissible to fill in Ravenol CVT Fluid, ZIC CVT Multi, KIXX CVTF, Castrol CVT Multi, but it is worth remembering that the original oil is preferable and considered the best, so if you want to save money and not get problems in work, it won’t work, as saving on the variator is highly not recommended.

When to change

When to change the gearbox oil in the Corolla E170 / E180 ?! - one of the most important issues.

In a manual gearbox, the manufacturer recommends checking the oil level and condition every 25,000 miles, and changing the oil in the manual transmission after every 50,000 miles. Separately, I would like to note that after each subsequent oil change it is recommended to check its level and condition more often.

By analogy it is possible to refer the original Toyota CVT FE or CVT TC oil with a replacement at least 1 time in 31,000 miles.

A very important point is the correct assessment of the transmission load, since at high loads the oil change interval in the variator should not exceed 20-25 000 miles.

How much to fill

Manual transmission
Механическая коробка передач 2.4
1ZR-FE (1.6 VVT-i), 2ZR-FE (1.8 VVT-i) 7.6
1ZR-FAE (1.6 VVT-i) 7.5

Oil filter

When replacing the filter, we recommend paying attention to the JS Asakashi JT494K coarse filter, which has earned the trust of most owners of the Toyota Corolla E170 (E180).