Engine Oil for Toyota Corolla E17 / E18

Changing the oil in the Toyota Corolla E170 / E180 engine is one of the most important vehicle maintenance procedures, which is why it is on the list of required jobs for scheduled maintenance. Actually, as with servicing other cars.

This page provides information in most cases for owners of Corolla 160/180, who change oil for the first time or want to change the manufacturer. Which is especially true if you notice unstable engine operation or the systematic addition of oil to the system, which in total significantly exceeds the allowable flow rate per 1000 km (~620 miles).

When to change the oil

When do I need to change the oil in the Toyota Corolla E18 engine ?!

To answer this question, first you need to take into account the operating conditions of the car, if the car is used mainly

  • city: ~ 3100 miles or 6 months;
  • highway: ~ 6200 miles or 12 months;

Using a car mainly in the city is regarded as extreme conditions. These conditions include:

  • frequent trips for short distances less than 5 miles when the engine does not have time to warm;
  • constant start-stop (traffic lights);
  • dusty roads;
  • loaded car using roof rack;
  • long idling and trips at low speed (especially when using a car as a taxi);

The use of the car over long distances, on the highway (of course, with decent road surface) refers to moderate loads, and favorably affects the operation of the engine, as the speed mode is observed, which entails the operation of the oil system in a constant and uniform rhythm.

In mixed mode, it all depends on the loads and of course the quality of the oil. Each owner of the Corolla E18 individually selects its interval whenever possible and necessary. It is also important to remember that with an oil change, the oil filter changes at the same time.

No matter how intensively used by the automobile, we strongly recommend periodically checking the oil level to protect the Corolla engine from the same overheating, in case the oil actually turns out to be a fake.

Nevertheless, if a fake is poured into the engine, or oil of dubious quality - we recommend changing it earlier, and the ideal solution is in the near future.

How to choose oil

Unfortunately, the universal answer to this question is unlikely to ever sound. Unless manufacturers really develop a universal multigrade engine oil, suitable simultaneously for engines operating at -104, and at +104 F with large and moderate loads.

In the meantime, today, manufacturers of fuels and lubricants have not created magic oil, it is necessary to select engine oil for your car’s engine needs on your own or with the help of specialists from a service center from an authorized dealer.

The manufacturer, in this case Toyota, recommends filling the engine with original Toyota Engine Oil. But, it does not prohibit pouring oil from another manufacturer, especially for Toyota motor oil is produced by one of the European producers of fuel and lubricants. If you fill in oil from another manufacturer, we strongly recommend that when choosing oil be guided by the conditions from the manufacturer (Toyota), and choose an oil that meets the requirements, class and tolerances.

The main criterion in choosing engine oil for the Toyota Corolla engine is the climate zone in which the car is used. The table below shows a graph with different viscosity oils, each of which has its own allowable range of ambient temperatures.

Engine oil 0W-20 is poured into the new car, which at first was preferable for most, and its viscosity allows it to be used in almost any climatic zone. In addition, another advantage of 0W20 oil is that it provides quick start in the cold season and fuel economy.

At subsequent maintenance, approximately after a run of 20,000 miles, we recommend pouring 5W-30 or 5W-40 oil into the engine, depending on the ambient temperature of your area. 10W-30 oil has a high viscosity index at low temperatures, therefore, in cold weather, engine starting problems may occur.

How much oil to fill

Depending on the motor, the required volume of refueling tanks between the Coroll models is different. The table below lists the engines that are installed under the hood of the car and the amount of oil that must be filled when replacing.

Engine Oil Corolla 170 (US / Canada)

For engines of the North American 170th body, engine oil with a classification of SAE 0W-20, ILSAC GF-5 is recommended.

Body number Engine Model / Capacity Oil capacity /
filter, liters
ZRE172 2ZR-FE 1.8i (100 кВт)/1.8 4.2/0.3
ZRE172 2ZR-FE 1.8 VVT-i (98 кВт)/1.8 4.2/0.3

Engine Oil Corolla E18 (Europe)

For petrol engines of the European 180th body, engine oil with API SL..SN / ILSAC classification is recommended.

Body number Engine Model / Capacity Oil capacity /
filter, liters
NRE180 1NR-FE 1.3 VVT-i/1.3 3.4/0.2
ZRE181 1ZR-FE 1.6 VVT-i/1.6 4.2/0.3
ZRE181 1ZR-FAE 1.6 VVT-i/1.6 4.2/0.3
ZRE182 2ZR-FE 1.8 VVT-i/1.8 4.2/0.3

For diesel powertrains, engine oil with ACEA C2 classification is recommended.

Body number Engine Model / Capacity Oil capacity /
filter, liters
NDE180 1ND-TV 1.4 D-4D/1.4 3.7-3.9/0.4

The above engines were installed not only on the Corolla E170 / E180. but also on other modifications to the Toyota model range:

Model Engine & Capacity Year of issue
Allex E120 1NZ 1.5 2001-2006
Allion T240 1NZ 1.5 2001-2007
Allion T260 1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8 с 2007
Auris E150 1NR 1.3/1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8/1ZR 1.6/1ND 1.4 2006-2012
Auris E180 1NR 1.3/1NZ 1.5 2012-2015
Avensis T270 1ZR 1.6 с 2008
bB NCP30 1NZ 1.5 2000-2005
Corolla E120 1NZ 1.5/1ND 1.4 2000-2007
Corolla E140 2ZR 1.8/2ZR 1.8 2008-2010
Corolla E150 1NR 1.3/1ZR 1.6/1ND 1.4 2006-2013
Corolla Axio E140 1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8 2006-2012
Corolla Axio E160 1NR 1.3/2NR 1.5/1NZ 1.5 с 2012
Corolla Fielder E120 1NZ 1.5 2000-2006
Corolla Fielder E140 1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8 2006-2012
Corolla Fielder E160 2NR 1.5/1NZ 1.5 с 2015
Corolla Rumion E150 1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8 2007-2015
Corolla Runx E120 1NZ 1.5 2001-2006
Corolla Spacio E120 1NZ 1.5 2001-2007
Echo XP10 1NZ 1.5 1999-2002
Funcargo XP20 1NZ 1.5 1999-2005
iQ GJ10 1NR 1.3 2009-2011
ist XP60 1NZ 1.5 2002-2007
ist XP110 1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8 2007-2016
Matrix E140 2ZR 1.8 2008-2013
Passo XC30 1NR 1.3 2010-2016
Platz XP10 1NZ 1.5 1999-2005
Porte NP10 1NZ 1.5 2004-2012
Porte NP140 1NR 1.3/2NR 1.5/1NZ 1.5 с 2012
Premio T240 1NZ 1.5 2001-2007
Premio T260 1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8 с 2007
Probox XP50, XP160 1NR 1.3/1NZ 1.5/1ND 1.4 с 2002
Ractis P100 1NZ 1.5 2005-2010
Ractis P120 1NR 1.3/1NZ 1.5 2010-2016
Raum Z20 1NZ 1.5 2003-2011
Sienta NCP80 1NZ 1.5 2003-2015
Sienta XP170 2NR 1.5/1NZ 1.5 с 2015
Spade NP140 1NR 1.3/2NR 1.5/1NZ 1.5 с 2012
Succeed XP50, XP160 1NZ 1.5/1ND 1.4 с 2002
Verso R20 1ZR 1.6 2009-2016
Vitz XP10, XP90 1NZ 1.5 1999-2010
Vitz XP130 1NR 1.3/1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8 2010-2020
WiLL Cypha XP70 1NZ 1.5 2002-2005
WiLL VS XE120 1NZ 1.5 2001-2004
Yaris XP10 1NZ 1.5/1ND 1.4 1999-2005
Yaris XP90 1NR 1.3/1NZ 1.5/2ZR 1.8/1ND 1.4 2005-2011
Yaris XP130 1NR 1.3/1NZ 1.5/1ND 1.4 2010-2017

What to choose from

The second, but less important criterion for choosing engine oil for Toyota Corolla E17 / E18 is the manufacturer. In fact, it doesn’t really matter which oil manufacturer you prefer, the main thing is that it does not turn out to be a fake from a brand that has positive reviews as a manufacturer of the same engine oil.

Fakes on lubricants from little-known brands are extremely rare, and the chance to buy a fake is reduced. Therefore, the main point is the reputation of a little-known manufacturer. And as it often happens, at the start of its activity, this manufacturer may well offer better oil, in contrast to well-known brands

Below is a list of engine oils that owners of Toyota Corolla E17 directly prefer to fill in the engine.:

  • Idemitsu Zepro 0W-20
  • Idemitsu 0W-30
  • Idemitsu Touring 5W-30
  • Toyota 0W-20 SN GF-5
  • Toyota 5W-30 SN GF-5
  • TCL 5W30 SN GF-5
  • FDS 5W-30

And do not forget, in the choice of engine oil, the main thing is its authenticity.