Change engine oil in Toyota Corolla E15

Changing the oil in the E15 engine is not a difficult task and can be done independently. Below is a photo instruction for the example of Toyota Corolla (E15) with a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine.

But, before changing the oil, it is necessary to prepare not only with tools and lubricants, but also with a place / platform, if necessary:

Oil volume in gasoline engines:

Body number Engine Modification Oil capacity, liters
NRE15 1NR-FE 1.3i 3.4/0.2
ZZE15 4ZZ-FE 1.4 VVT-i 3.7/0.2 (2007-'08)
4.2/0.2 (2008-'09)
ZRE15 1ZR-FE/FAE 1.6 Dual VVTi 4.2/0.3
ZRE142 (США/Канада) 2ZR-FE 1.8 VVT-i 4.2/0.3
AZE141 (США/Канада) 2AZ-FE 2.4 16V 3.8/0.2

The volume of oil in diesel engines:

Body number Engine Modification Oil capacity, liters
NDE15 1ND-TV 1.4 D-4D 4.3/0.5 (2007-'09)
4.1/0.5 (2009-'11)
3.9/0.4 (2011-'13)
ADE15 1AD-FTV 2.0 D-4D 6.3/0.4

It is necessary to fill the oil with the same brand as the oil that is already filled in the engine. If the brand of engine oil changes, you need to flush the lubrication system with flushing oil or oil of the brand that will be used in the future (for this, after draining the old one, fill in new oil to the lower mark of the dipstick). Start the engine and let it run for 10 minutes. Drain the oil, and only then replace the filter and fill in new oil to the recommended level (to the top mark on the dipstick).

So, the manual in the photo. To start, warm up the engine for a few minutes, then (if you change the oil at home, in the garage, etc.), install the car on a solid, level surface so that it does not move during the replacement. Turn off the engine and securely lock the rear wheels, be sure to apply the hand brake.

Toyota Corolla 150 Oil Change - Wheel Lock
Lock wheels

Unscrew the oil filler cap to ensure a smoother oil exit from the sump.

Unscrew the cover
Unscrew oil filler cap

Lift the front of the vehicle with a jack, for example.

Jacking a car
Raising the front of the car

When the car is raised, install the jack stand under one of the sides in the appropriate place.

Jack points
Installation at jack points

After installing the racks, lower the jack and make sure that the car "sat" on the stands, shaking it slightly. Next, remove the jack and find the oil pan under the car.

Oil pan
Oil pan

To drain oil from the engine, the pan plug is used, circled in the photo below.

Drain plug
Drain plug

Before unscrewing the cork from the sump, remember that the oil inside can be hot enough - more than hot enough to burn - so be careful when you loosen it. In addition, the used oil is carcinogenic, therefore it is not recommended to get on the skin! The pallet stopper has a 14 mm jack.

Screw loosening
Unscrew the drain plug with a 14 mm wrench, after substituting the container for the drained oil

Place the sump under the drain plug, taking into account that the oil will exit at a slight angle backwards, and not flow straight down.

Loosen the pan plug with a key, and then unscrew it to the end with your gloved fingers, while pressing inward; as soon as you feel that the cork is unscrewed to the end, quickly pull it out.

Unscrewing gloves with gloves
Do not forget that the oil in the pan may burn, therefore it is recommended to remove the cork with gloves

The cork of the pallet comes with a washer, and it is recommended to install a new one each time (they are cheap). After draining the old oil, screw in a new plug with a torque of 37 Nm and then remove the oil filter located next to the sump.

An arrangement of the oil filter in Toyota Corolla E15
An arrangement of the oil filter in Toyota Corolla E15
Unscrew the oil filter with a wrench
Unscrew it with a key for the oil filter, but keep in mind that for this you need to make an effort

After the last drops of oil have leaked, remove the filter and change the o-ring.

O-ring for oil filter
Oil Filter O-Ring Replacement
Filter change
Replace the old filter with a new one

Refit the oil filter and tighten the cap to 25 Nm. Recheck whether the pan plug and oil filter cover are tightened. Lower the car back onto a flat surface and fill in the required amount for the engine of your Corolla oil through the filler cap.

In the case of the 1.8 engine, it is necessary to pour 3.5 liters to start, the level should be at the lower mark of the probe. Add a small amount of oil, and then check the oil again until it reaches the top of the two points on the dipstick. It is better to start from a low level and gradually add to the upper mark, and not risk overflow and the need to drain from the pallet. An oil level below the minimum mark or above the upper mark may cause engine damage

As soon as the level is normal - screw on the oil filler cap, place the dipstick in its original place and start the engine for about 5 minutes. Stop the engine, allow the engine to cool for a few minutes and check for oil leakage under the engine and re-check the oil level, adding the necessary volume if necessary. Then make a short test drive, pay attention to the engine, after stopping, check the oil level again.

Video: oil change instructions