Change engine oil in Toyota Corolla E18

Changing the oil in the Toyota Corolla E18 engine is a relatively simple task, but requiring minimal knowledge of the vehicle’s structure, the availability of necessary tools and equipment. We assume that you have acquired the required amount of oil and change on time. For those who find it difficult to choose, we recommend that you read in a separate article - what to choose oil in the Toyota Corolla E16 / E17 / E18 engine, which also indicates the recommended oil change interval.

An example is given Toyota Corolla 1.8 with 2ZR engine. So, before replacing, be sure to warm the engine to operating temperature. Next, set the car on a firm, level surface, put the car on the handbrake and lock the rear wheels with wheel chocks so that the car is completely immobilized during replacement.

After warming up the engine, it is necessary to raise the front of the car, for example, using a jack, install it at the recommended lifting points and, after lifting, install the car on the axle racks.

Car lift
One way to raise a car to change engine oil

Lift the hood and loosen the filler cap, which will allow the oil to drain more quickly and freely.

While under the front of the raised car, find the drain plug on the oil pan under the key or head 14 mm and place a suitable container (5 liters or more) under it./p>

Oil pan location
1 - Plug for draining oil; 2 - Location of the oil filter;

Using a wrench (14 mm), turn the drain plug counterclockwise. When you feel that the cork is almost unscrewed, start unscrewing by hand (gloves on). Be careful, as warm oil may start to leak out under low pressure.

Now loosen the oil filter by turning it counterclockwise (black glass, pictured above), but remember that oil may spill. To unscrew it, it is recommended for convenience to use a special key for the cover of the oil filter housing (oil filter puller, "cup", for example - 09228-06501 or cheaper analogues).

Remove oil filter
Remove oil filter

After removing the old filter element, clean the inside of the cover and filter housing, and replace the old O-ring located on the cover that comes with the filter.

O-ring replacement
Removing the old o-ring

After replacing the ring, apply a light oil film over its edge, which will help to get a better seal. Next, replace the filter element and install the filter in its original place, twisting clockwise with a force of 30 Nm.

Install a new filter
Lubricate the o-ring and install a new oil filter

Next, clean the oil plug, then be sure to replace the old washer of the pan plug with a new one to prevent leakage. Tighten the plug with a force of 35 Nm.

After making sure that the area under the car is clear, carefully lower the car. Pour oil into the oil filler neck and use a dipstick to check the oil level.

Add new engine oil
It’s better not to pour than to pour
Body number Engine Modification Volume of oil, liters
Corolla E160
NRE160 1NR-FE 1.3i 3.4
NRE161 2NR-FKE 1.5i 3.6
1NZ-FE 1.5i 3.7
Corolla E170
ZRE172 2ZR-FE 1.8i (100 кВт) 4.2
ZRE172 2ZR-FE 1.8 VVT-i (98 кВт) 4.2
Corolla E180
NRE180 1NR-FE 1.3 VVT-i 3.4
ZRE181 1ZR-FE 1.6 VVT-i 4.2
ZRE181 1ZR-FAE 1.6 VVT-i 4.2
ZRE182 2ZR-FE 1.8 VVT-i 4.2
NDE180 1ND-TV 1.4 D-4D 3.7-3.9

Replace filler cap. Now start the engine, and let the engine run for a while by heating it to operating temperature. When the oil control indicator goes off, turn off the engine and again check the oil level, which during operation of the engine has spread throughout the engine. If necessary, add the required volume for the required level and check for oil leaks.